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Florida and noting that the state took no position on the request.

On December 20, the couples asked the Eighth Circuit to consider their request to vacate the stay in light of the U. Supreme Court's refusal the previous day to grant a stay in a Florida case, Armstrong v. The state replied to the couples' motion on December 24, calling the request for expedited consideration premature given the likelihood that in January the U. Supreme Court will agree to hear a same-sex marriage case.

Our goal is to help people on their path to performing marriage for friends and family.

The act of solemnizing marriage historically belonged to the people, and only recently has it become the domain of the state.

They were also motivated to issue the advisory due to a recent piece of legislation, which makes it damn near impossible to pursue housing and employment discrimination lawsuits.

According to The Associated Press, those looking to sue for employment discrimination must now find a way to prove that any disciplinary action from an employer was solely motivated by race, gender, age or ability.

They wrote: "there is no equitable reason to hold the current case in perpetual limbo".

On July 7, 2015, Governor Nixon issued Executive Order 15-04, ordering all departments and agencies of Missouri to immediately take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with the Obergefell decision.

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If you have been asked by people close to you to solemnize their marriage, we believe you have the right to.The state's brief did not mention the district court's stay.On January 9, 2015, the couples asked the Eighth Circuit for a "prompt ruling" on their request, noting that the state had offered no argument against lifting the stay and that the Supreme Court had not accept a petition for certiorari in a same-sex marriage case that day.Previously, claimants would have to give evidence that the aforementioned contributed to the decision rather than it being the primary motivation for an employer’s actions.Missouri House minority leader Gail Mc Cann Beatty even spoke out about the legislation, which was signed into state law by Missouri Governor Eric Greitens four days after the advisory.

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