Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating in real life

Xiao Zhong was impressed by his responsibility, but he wouldn’t swim in nude because of the rating.Xiao Zhong said: [Even if this is just saying it as a joke, still I am very impressed; he was brave enough to take responsibility on the things that he had said.]During that day, Ethan Ruan only took off his swimming trunks while he was in the water, making the medias “disappointed and empty handed”, Xiao Zhong was not surprised: [It was the media who broadly reporting about the joke, basically everyone should calm down when dealing with this kind of situation.]Then how will he repay the fans if his own idol series received a good rating?On 29 October 2013, Yuchao reportedly flew over to London to celebrate her birthday.During the birthday celebration, he put on a necklace for her, symbolising that he would be circling around her for life. The couple is said to be holding their wedding banquet in Taiwan next year.

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When talking about Zheng Yuan Chang’s “Kissing Experience”, he revealed that he was very nervous about his first kiss during his high school days; the most romantic experience will be kissing among the crowd during New Year’s Eve countdown.

brushed the hair a bit……” plus it was very early in the morning and both of them just woke up, the situation was a bit amusing.

Not until they were watching it back home were they truly felt embarrassed about it.

[Having fans meeting, having interaction with the fans is already very good!

Taiwanese sweetheart, Ariel Lin reportedly has accepted her boyfriend, Lin Yuchao’s proposal during her 31st birthday celebration in October.

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