Dating yamaha classical guitars

I've seen this type of sculpt on a number of other boutique guitars from the 90's and on, but this is the earliest use I've seen.Hardware is Gotoh, all black, with a vintage tremolo with bent steel saddles, and locking tuners with a low profile that doesn't require use of a string tree.

Most affordable model in the i-Series but an exceptional import in its own right.

Frets are near perfect and it has an excellent setup.

Compare this to the Chinese guitars you can get for 0 today and this is an excellent value at 5.

John couldn't be sure what original pickups were, although he did say that the HSH was proper, but I'm guessing EMG's since you can see two small holes in the back cover which have the same spacing as a 9V battery clip mount.

I have some old EMG's we can install but the guitar sounds so sweet as outfitted, I'd be reluctant to mess with something that sounds so good.

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