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“I think that while Theresa May was obviously way ahead in the polls in the beginning, it has tightened up a lot, and she has frankly not run the inspiring campaign that many people expected her to,” Paul said on Election Day.

“Jeremy Corbyn, however, has been bringing out the crowds at the rallies.

Experienced in Movie Magic Scheduling (including cross scheduling when multiple units are filming) I am pleased to join the successful period drama HARLOTS for the start of series 2.

It's been a great year, having just been shooting ITV's drama 'The Good Karma Hospital' in Sri Lanka!

The unexpected results and Corbyn’s stunning populist influence among young and working class voters felt eerily familiar to us Americans, just six months after a major election of our own.

As a feeling of uncertainty swept over the remaining days of our stay, many students considered the global political identity crisis far from over.

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.A Corbyn-led Labour majority would not necessarily resemble the party the man in the bar had supported for several years.Only steps away, out on the sidewalk, we encountered our fellow pub-dweller’s polar opposite.I am an experienced 1st Assistant Director very dedicated to every production I work on.I approach all work with a happy & positive attitude, so I can help achieve the Director's vision within the parameters of the production.

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