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Sabrina poured a cool drink for all three of us and leant back in her chair.She lifted one leg and tucked it under the other and I was aware that her almost hairless pussy was fully on display.Believe it or not, I'd never been so close to another naked woman before.He labia, even her clitoral hood was there plain as day for me to see and I was embarrassed, exhilarated... Dave came out to the table, bringing me some forms to fill in, an information sheet about the facilities and nature walks, and a list of "do's and don'ts".And that's all I saw: no nude volleyball players, no skinny dippers, no streakers - no one in fact. A middle aged couple were walking hand-in-hand toward me. And this is my wife, Sabrina." The lady leant in to give me a peck on the cheek. I marvelled at their complete indifference to their nakedness.

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She chatted about the weather, the road from Sydney, her garden - all normal and mundane, but I had trouble keeping eye contact with her.I had worried that my little Hyundai, laden with camping gear, and an abundance of food, drinks and ice, might not make it through the rough country roads, but she had handled it all with hardly a complaint.I wondered now if I would be as resilient as she once I reached the end of the bumpy, sandy road that led - in less than 5 minutes - to my destination.I was 24, single ( for single read 'virgin') I had been raised in a loving, supporting family, had excelled at High School and University, had just embarked on what looked to be a successful career, and life should have been about 'as good as it gets'. What I'd learnt about myself in my first real full-time job is that I didn't have what it takes to succeed - and what it takes is confidence. Not fat, not by most standards anyway, but as a girl of Asian heritage, I'd always been bigger than my friends.I'm not going to say I had a lot of 'body issues', but my introverted character was undoubtedly related to how I looked. Not tall, not obese, just what my mum would call 'chubby'.

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