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We refrain from compiling stats such as dress size, blood type or favorite cuisine in order to calculate the perfect match. We share the things that make us happy, things we are absolutely passionate about. Foundation i Love was founded in June 2003 in Berlin as a subsidiary of Jamba AG and was initially designed for users in Germany , Austria and Switzerland.All is based on one simple principle as to where and how people meet one another: Birds of a feather flock together!Similar likes and interests are the foundation of any successful relationship.Millions of people have tried online dating and many tens of thousands are now in permanent relationships because of it.The likelihood is that several people you know have used a site like this one and perhaps this very one and in doing so they have found the person with whom they are now in love. Join now and see why thousands of others have become members of this matchmaking agency.

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    On the other hand, some love letters have been most jealously cherished; Lady Steele kept all those that her husband wrote to her, and their daughter edited them; professional writers were always likely, not only to give literary flavour even to their intimate correspondence but to see that it was preserved; it would not be fair, however, to think that the love letters of poets and novelists were written with one eye on the public; most of them indeed were written under circumstances that precluded any affectation, thought of the future or literary finish.

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