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In some of his shows, he has paired up the most argumentative characters, such as Logan and Quinn (Zoey 101), Jade and Beck (Victorious), Josh and Mindy (Drake & Josh), and Gary and Tina (What I Like About You). [leaves without another word]Freddie: [sad, upset expression](i Reunite With Missy) --- Carly: No.

Many of these love/hate relationships can be compared to Seddie.

During i Q (the episode right after i Love You), they seem to act awkwardly to each other. (i Reunite With Missy) --- Freddie: What did you do to my locker? Freddie: [throws cable in air screaming and is chased out of the room by Sam who is also screaming]Sam: [carries Freddie back inside and throws him on the couch, then hurries and locks the door]Sam: [in a hurt tone] You swore you'd never tell anyone we kissed!

In the episode, they don't talk to each other that much either. (i Think They Kissed) --- Carly: I'll turn my back, and you guys can resume kissing behind it!

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The two never had a proper goodbye, and Dan said that he wants to get Nathan on Sam & Cat for more Sam and Freddie fun.

It is possible that the two will continue their unfinished relationship in Sam & Cat.

This may prove that they are still feeling a little bit weird after their break up.

Dan Schneider, the creator of i Carly, had put out many hints that Sam and Freddie may end up together (even some of the i Carly cast members have hinted on this).

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