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Each item carries a posting date indicating when it first went online.The most recent update appears at the top of the page.The event was sponsored by Mark Antonacci and his Test the Shroud Foundation and was organized and managed by Robert Rucker (and family).The Official Website of the event is online at this link: ICST - 2017 and includes the Conference Schedule, Abstracts, and Biographies of the presenters.

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In the form that Giulio completed, he stated that, "The material will be returned AS it will be furnished without impact of any kind.

Possible minimal alteration will be agreed before any operation." This indisputably implies that the testing he would perform would be completely NON-DESTRUCTIVE and was one of the critical considerations STERA, Inc.

used in their decision to grant his request and make the samples available to him.

These were hand delivered to him in Turin in May 2015 by Barrie Schwortz.

It should be noted that Barrie does not have a vote on the Board of Directors so did not participate in the decision to grant Giulio access to the samples.

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