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Footage obtained by Fox 8 Cleveland immediately after the shooting shows one employee dressed in a Taco Bell uniform sitting on the ground outside the restaurant, holding his hands up to his mouth in disbelief.It is not clear how many customers were inside the restaurant at the time of the shooting. They told operators that shots had been fired and that someone was on the ground.Prolific massacres include the 1991 San Ysidro Mc Donald's shooting in California when 22 were killed and 19 were injured.In May 2000, seven employees at a Wendy's in Flushing, New York, died in a separate mass shooting.He had been shot six times in total and was later pronounced dead at hospital.In Ohio, business owners can prohibit guns in the work place and many do but it is not a legal requirement.

Few mass shootings have taken place in fast food restaurants in recent years.It instructs that local, state and federal laws must be honored at each location but says it is the responsibility of franchisees to enforce these laws at its different restaurants.When contacted by Daily on Thursday morning, Taco Bell did not respond to questions surrounding its gun policy for employees.After Anderson left Cleveland for Los Angeles in 1966, Sweed left for Bowling Green State University, but continued to help with the production of the Hoolihan and Big Chuck show, which was Ghoulardi's replacement on WJW.In 1970, Sweed approached Ernie Anderson with a proposal to revive Anderson's "Ghoulardi" character.

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