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Related: Justin Bobby Talks His & Audrina's "Mutual Respect" Additionally, the BMX pro will be moving out of the home they share together, with Audrina paying the K moving costs!

The two can now focus on their divorce, which as you may remember, the former reality TV star filed for after she made allegations of domestic abuse.

There was no trust, so we had trust.” It should be stated the two probably hooked up but a relationship it was not.

“It never evolved into anything too heavy, but we definitely went through an experience of doing TV and filming and traveling and having laughs and she's still a dear friend to this day," the hair salon owner explains.

Remember the little kid Enzo, who lived next door to Spencer and Heidi? Well, it turns out he didn't live next door to Speidi—that was actually house (well, his parents' house). "[Enzo's} mom and dad [would be] in another room, and we'd come to Enzo's house to pretend," Spencer explained to feud between Kristin and Audrina. It feels like just yesterday we were watching the drama of Lauren Conrad's love life unfold, getting caught up in the craziness of "Speidi" a.k.a Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, and rooting for Audrina Patridge to give the boot to her on-again, mostly off-again boyfriend Justin Bobby.Well, with the 10th anniversary ahead on May 31, the cast has been doing a lot of reflecting lately about the pop-culture phenomenon they were a part of—and the truth behind some of the most fake storylines from the show have been unearthed. He was always very sweet to me, and we enjoyed each other's company, but I think it was one of those things where producers really wanted us to be together, and we both knew that we didn't really have that kind of chemistry.— sharing how he actually got the nickname “Justin Bobby” on the show. I kept telling Audrina, ‘Say my middle name,’ which is Robert, ‘So just say Bobby,’” he dishes.Unfortunately, Audrina couldn’t keep the faux name straight.

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