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I was able to get to know him as a person, without the awkward pressure of feeling like we needed to date.

I knew of my boyfriend, but I never really saw him as a potential contender because he was rather short, but he does make up for it with his beautiful blue eyes.

This is a whole new niche for the online dating industry.

Essentially, these sites cater to open minded men, women and couples who are seeking discreet sexual encounters using Skype (or any other IM platform of their choice).

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Many of us do not know what it feels like to truly be in love.

Instead of taking things too fast, how about we take things slow for once and see what could happen.

I took my own advice and went at it during my second semester of senior year.

Reason being is that we try to measure up to the unrealistic relationships portrayed on television.

I felt comfortable around him and I wanted to get to know him on a deeper level.

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