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Solomon is a bit of a contrarian, but he’s not afraid to change his mind — based on his own experience, that is, along with extensive research.

So those who have been reading Solomon forever will note some rethinking.

There was not one, but two “goodie bags”, filled with ramin, King’s Hawaiian sweetbread, first aid kit, gum, crackers, mochi, blistex, wet wipes, and several other items.

He’s softened his comments on this topic since earlier editions and, although I agree with him in general on the subject, I think Solomon overlooks the fact that the intensive method allows people to grow lots of veggies in a limited space.

“Steve initially asked me to update the list of seed suppliers,” Mc Shane told me.

“Adaptive Seeds and Osborne are two that we added because their offerings and their PNW focus were apropos and the quality of the seed was good.

The 35th-anniversary edition is substantially bigger than its predecessors.

It’s about as thick as my old 1989 edition but nearly an inch and a half wider, with thinner paper and smaller type — a bit too small for me.

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