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Young gay men in Afghanistan still largely grow up with identity crises, waiting for perplexing feelings to subside and make way for "normality." Rameen said that from the age of 4 he was "feeling very strange.I liked playing with girls, with girls' toys, I liked fashion, and people used to make jokes about me." When he enrolled in university to study journalism, he thought these "strange feelings" he had toward men would leave him "because I didn't know what gay is," he said.Naveed and Rameen, young gay men in the capital Kabul have lost count of the number of times they've been lured into dangerous situations on what they believed to be dates.Both men describe being robbed, beaten up and blackmailed, and receiving death threats. And a hidden life is no life at all." Both men use fake names among gay friends, and said none of their relatives or colleagues know the truth about their sexuality.The majority of the dead are thought to be civilians.Women and children were among those killed, Ismail Kawasi of the Public Health Ministry said."It is difficult for homosexuals to find partners, and if they do, both parties are afraid of being found out," Sarwary said."When the exact needs of a person are not being fulfilled, when a homosexual man is forced to marry and have children, it can lead to terrible unhappiness, divorce, even violence within the family.

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German security sources said that an Afghan security guard at the embassy had been killed and several German staff hurt."I read so many stories, and I realized that it is something real with me. It is natural." That led him to a gay dating website, through which he met an expat working in Afghanistan. The death toll in a huge explosion that rocked Kabul’s diplomatic quarter has risen to 90 with another 400 people injured, Afghanistan’s Public Heath Ministry has said, in what is believed to be one of the worst terror incidents to ever hit the Afghan capital.Makeshift ambulances struggled to deal with the number of casualties as the vast scale of the damage became clear.Video from the scene showed a number of dazed, bloodsoaked people stumbling around and bodies still lying on the ground or in burning cars.

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